Afterschool Nature Field Trips

Through the local afterschool program, children are able to participate in a series of field trips at ECNC through enrichments “Gardens & Games” or “Forest Explorations.”  We spend every moment out of doors, growing, cooking, teaching, playing, creating, discovering, inventing, hiking, and sometimes even resting.

“One of the area schools is enough of a distance away that we don’t have much time once we get to ECNC.  So we play prey & predator and other games en route to Magic Spots in the woods.  I noticed that as the children and adults hid from the predator, they became intrigued by their hiding spot or just simply were comfortable being held by the Earth and didn’t want to move on.  So we adapt, of course, and instead make discoveries right where we are and enjoy the moment we are in.”  Donna Gallant